I’m Loïc Bellemare-Alford

I’m a young photographer and filmmaker on the journey to become better at this art!

Originally from Montréal, Canada, I now live in Seattle, USA where I work full-time as a software engineer at Microsoft. Yes, you read this right, I actually work in tech! Photography and filmmaking have always been passions that I continuously pursue on the side.

On the weekend, you can probably find me exploring some mountain or running / biking / kayaking / skiing. You might have guessed that I love the outdoors and try to enjoy them as much as possible.

Don’t hesitate to come say hi on Vero, Instagram or Twitter,
I try answering all my messages as soon as possible.

Business contact

loic @ lbacreations.com

Please only use this email for business requests (brand deals, promotional content, etc.) You can contact me on social media for general questions or to say hi!