The era after social media: Here’s what is changing for me!

Why did I stop enjoying social media?

You might have noticed that in the last few months, I have become a less active on social media. Like many, I started feeling that with the push to algorithm based feeds, I wasn’t getting the value I used to get in the past. For me, social media was all about staying connected with friends and family, viewing the art from some of my favorite photographers and discovering news ideas that inspired me to create more.

Now with the prevalence of algorithmic feeds, things have changed:

1. When I open most of my social media apps, seeing content from my friends and family is something that is now almost impossible. The focus is now to suggest me content that the algorithm “thinks” I will enjoy instead of letting me tell them what I actually enjoy.
2. In my opinion, it’s become almost impossible to just “enjoy” photography content. Instagram used to be the best to follow the work of some of my favorite photographer. Now I am stuck seeing the photo during 0.2s in video while I see the gear for 14.8s.
3. With content that is less tailored to what I want to see, I get more diverse content but it’s not always what will inspire me to try something new.

Not everything about the recent changes in social media is negative. I think it brought back some authenticity that was lost over the years and allowed me to see more “behind the scenes” of how a photo was created then ever before. This is great because it brings more context to the work that is shared.

What about the new alternatives?

If you are looking for a good alternative to the current social media apps, I found that Vero brings me back in time where I could simply enjoy the photography of the people I decide to follow. They have apps for phones, desktop and, yes, the iPad! I love being able to scroll through high-resolution images and tap to zoom and view the details. This content first approach is refreshing!

Come say hi on Vero!

Even though there is a lot to love with Vero, I still feel it’s missing more creative ways to share content. I must also admit, without being too political, that I do not like that the app comes from a country that doesn’t really respect human rights and basic free speech.

Here arrives my new website!

To fix the issues I have with social media, I decided to finally create what I have wanted to do for well over 2 years now. My goal is to create a website where I can host all my photos, videos, reviews and so much more! You might not know, but over the years I created a personal website that I use as a resume, a photography website that I use for my photos, an online store that I never really completed, seperate websites for my social medias, another website for my gear and many other ones along the way.

After a few months of hard work, I am proud to finally have completed moving most of the content from my previous websites to this new one. There is still a few things to fix throughout the website but there’s already a lot to be excited about including:

  • A new homepage with quick links to my social medias and content that better represent my creative journey. I will leave LinkedIn for my professional journey.
  • New rich albums that include information about the camera and the settings used to take the photo!
  • A new blog, which you are currently reading, that will allow to share more in-depth content.
  • A new gear page. This one is not completed but eventually I want to link product to review I made and even content produced using it.
  • YouTube videos that are now automatically synced to my website. Eventually I will add related gear and more content that is useful along the videos.
  • A completely new online store that will be much more powerful! It currently has a few manually created items but I want to allow, in the future, to get any of the products I offer with any of the photos I have on the website. These will include digital downloads, ideal for wallpapers, prints and even custom merch.

I am continuously updating the website to make it more useful and bring more value for you.

… and a newsletter!

A newsletter in 2023!? Aren’t those just for annoying companies you ask? In my opinion, no. I actually think they are probably the best way to share what I am up to in an unfiltered way and without relying on algorithms to distribute it.

For now, I am planning on sending a monthly newsletter to share what I have been up to during the last few weeks. This will include new photo albums, blog post, YouTube videos and much more. Why only monthly? I don’t want this to become spammy so keeping it monthly is a good balance in my opinion. I will probably offer more frequent options in the future. Excited about this? Join the newsletter now!


The future is bright!

A future with less social media is, in my opinion, a brighter one 🙂 For me, these changes allow me to get back more control on the experience I offer and stress less about algorithms that dictate what I should be creating.

Do you agree? Let me know what you think!

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