Chamonix & Lyon – Full Album

Enjoy all of my best photos from my recent trip to France to visit Lyon and ski in the Chamonix Valley. Trust me, it’s not for nothing it’s known as one of the best ski areas in the world!

I have a two YouTube video about this trip hopefully coming really soon, editing videos about how I edited these photos and day-by-day blog posts about what I learned taking these photos! Stay tuned by subscribing to my monthly newsletter.


Day #1

After a transatlantic flight, I landed in Lyon where I missed my bus ride to Chamonix by 15 minutes! The next one was only 8 hours later so I used that as an excuse to visit the beautiful city of Lyon

Day #2

The second day was all about exploring the mountains and getting in some ski in the beautiful powder snow. It was cloudy for most of the day but the sun kept peeking through the clouds which allows me to capture some of my favorite photos.

Day #3

On the third day, I realized I couldn’t ski as much as I wanted because of my knee injury but used that occasion to slowly go down the mountain and film a YouTube video and take way too many photos! I ended the day walking through the Chamonix village at night trying to capture the building, mountains and stars. It was much harder than expected but one of them came out as one of my favorite picture of the trip.

Day #4

Taking the day relax without skiing, I decided to go visit L’Aiguille du Midi and crazy viewing platform at 4000m! I am usually not a big fan of ultra tourist spots but this one was so well integrated, and the 360° views kept me amazed for hours. The day ended with some rare shots of the sunset in the valley.

Day #5

The fifth day was another relaxing one. After visiting the local farmers market, I headed down the valley taking photos along the way. I ended the day at the top of the mountain for a beer with a crazy view!

Day #6

Day 6 started with cloudy skies but when the mountains started peeking through the clouds, my sister spotted a view she knew I would love photography. I quickly took out my camera, took about 6 pictures and the mountain disappear in clouds. This quick shot (the first one below) ended up being my favorite photo of the whole trip! The whole day gave us amazing views while skiing at the foot of Mont Blanc.